Online continuing education courses for Electrologist

Continuing Education

  • Each licensee is responsible for 20 hours of continuing education every renewal period.
  • One (1) hour of the 20 hours must be on blood-borne diseases.*
  • Two (2) of the 20 hours must be medical error prevention, including a study of root-cause analysis, error reduction and prevention, and patient safety.
  • Up to ten (10) hours of home study are allowed.
FMES has a special deal to meet your mandatory CE requirements and receive 10 CE hours through online home study for $50. Pre-payment is required. Go to the Mail Order tab to read more and purchase. Please note, these CE hours are for online only.


    • CE Requirements for First Time Renewal
      • Electrologists renewing a license for the first time and were initially licensed in the second year of the biennium are exempt from continuing education requirement with the exception of two (2) hours of medical error and one (1) hours of blood borne disease course including one (1) hour of HIV/AIDS. 


CE Requirements for Renewal  
To meet the renewal requirement compete 17 general hours and the two mandatory courses (Prevention of Medical Errors and one hour of blood borne diseases) for a total of 20 ce hours.

 The license cycle is 2 years. It starts June 1st and ends May 31st every even year.
For example, if you were licensed June 1, 2019. You were licensed during the second year of the 2 year cycle (June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2020) and you would be exempt from continuing education requirement with the exception of the 3 courses mentioned above.

We offer Medical Error Prevention, Occupational Exposures
to Bloodborne Pathogens, and HIV/AIDS (1 or 3 hrs)
approved ce courses. Get Started Now!