Florida Respiratory Therapy CEUs

FMES offers discount ceus online for all respiratory therapists (RTs). We are here to assist licensees with license renewals (applicants too) by offering continuing education online. FMES is directly approved by the Florida Board of Respiratory Care. Complete your ceus with a Florida approved provider, like FMES. We also instantly report your credits to cebroker, if you provide a FL license number. It's simple. Get Started Now!

Below are frequently asked questions for Florida respiratory therapy licensees.

What is included in the 24 CE hour course bundle that FMES offers (only $29.95) for respiratory therapists?

The 24 hour packet includes;
Prevention of Medical Errors – 2 Contact Hours
Laws and Rules for Florida Respiratory Therapists – 2 Contact Hours
HIV/AIDS – 3 Contact Hour
17 General Hours:
Human Trafficking - Florida Requirement – 2 Contact Hours (This course will be listed in the "general hours" category)
Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace – 2 Contact Hours
My Aching Back – 1 Contact Hour
Lung Cancer – 12 Contact Hours  

How does this work?

1. Read the study material. 
2. Pass the test. 
3. Purchase the certificate(s). Re-testing is free of charge. FMES will instantly report credits to CEBroker, Florida's auditing system, unless you are an applicant. To get started, register here.

What are the mandatory courses needed within the 24 hours of ce? The two mandatory courses that are required for license renewal are Prevention of Medical Errors and Laws and Rules for RTs. Both of these courses are available online. Also, the course Human Trafficking must be completed before January 2021. This course is in the respiratory bundle or it is available as an individual course.

When does my respiratory license expire?  The licenses expire on May 31st  of each odd year regardless of when the license is initially granted during the biennium. May 31st is fast appoaching.

How long is my respiratory license valid?  Each license is valid for two years. Regardless of when the license is initially granted during the biennium, it will expire on the expiration date of that biennium. It may be that the license is only valid for a few months.

What is a licensure biennium?  A licensure biennium is the twenty-four month period between expiration dates. The biennium is June 1st through May 31st of every odd-numbered year. It is during this time period that the continuing education requirements must be met for each renewal cycle.

When is the renewal cycle?  The license renewal starts between 90 to 120 days prior to the expiration date of a license and ends on the expiration date. It is during this time that you receive your renewal notice and when licensees begin sending in their renewal notices and fees to renew the license for the next biennium. It is your responsibility to notify the department of a change of address.  

Will FMES report my ceu credits to CEBroker? Yes, FMES will instantly report credits to CEBroker, if you register with a valid Florida respiratory license. You can add your license number under the Account Profile tab. Be sure the FL license number is correct and present before paying, otherwise your credits are not reported to CEBroker.                                                   

What happens if I do not renew on time?  Failure to renew by the expiration date will cause the license to become delinquent.. It is unlawful to practice your profession in Florida on a delinquent license. To renew a delinquent license, you must submit the renewal fee plus the delinquency fee. In addition, you must make the following statement along with your check: “I affirm compliance with all renewal requirements including the continuing education requirement.”

Can I place my license in the inactive category and be exempt from the continuing education (ceus) requirements? You can request to put your license in the inactive status and pay the inactive fee. Also, you renew and pay that inactive status each renewal period. No, a licensee can not be exempt, all licensees must accrue continuing education. The only advantage to inactive status is that you do not have to maintain continuing education hours; however, when you reactivate to an active status you must complete continuing education equal to the time you have been inactive. If you went inactive during the biennium cycle, you will have to show proof of the two previous years.

How much continuing education is required for me to renew?  24 contact hours of approved continuing education is required to renew. If you obtain more than 24 hours, those excess hours cannot be carried forward or counted retroactively.

Do FMES LIVE! Webinars count as live credit? Yes, all FMES LIVE! webinars count as live credit toward your respiratory therapy license.

How many hours of Prevention of Medical Errors must I take?  
You must complete a Florida approved course that is 2 contact hours in length for renewal and initial licensure. FMES has a state approved course.

How many contact hours of "Laws and Rules for RT's" must I take? 

Mandatory 2 hour CE for Florida Respiratory Therapists

What about the NBRC Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) formally called the Continuing Competency Program?

The NBRC will accept any educational activity directly related to respiratory therapy or pulmonary function technology that is accepted by your state licensing board for purposes of respiratory care licensure.  FMES offers many general respiratory care subjects to keep you in compliance with the NBRC continuing maintenance program. FMES offers 10 CE hours in neonatal/pediatric and 15 CE hours for RPFT and CPFT cerdentials. read more..


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Florida Board of Respiratory Care