Available Courses

  1. ONLINE HOME STUDY Register to get started earning online home study credits today. View the study material and pass the test online before paying. Pay within 30 days to instantly earn a certificate and instantly have credits reported to cebroker. Re-testing is free of charge. All certificates are stored in your FMES account for 4 years. Come back anytime and print or email a certificate for yourself.
  2. FMES LIVE! WEBINARS These webinars allow live interaction and count as Live credit. They are 1-hour each. View from the comfort of your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Come anytime, during the time listed, to view a webinar(s) of your choice. No need to register in advance. Pay after successful completion of a webinar.  
  3. MAIL ORDER BOOKLETS To view or order mail order booklets, click Mail Order Booklets or call FMES.net at 386-325-5790.

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As soon as you pay, for an online home study or webinar, your certificate is available instantly and your credit(s) are reported instantly to cebroker. (Unless you are applying for a Florida license and you do not have a FL license number.)

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More details about FMES LIVE! webinars:
During the posted times, view as many webinars as you desire. Each webinar is one hour for one credit. A posted webinar time of 8AM to 2PM indicates you can start the webinar anytime, during that time. After completion of a webinar, complete a short survey and then start another webinar. It is up to you how many webinars you complete during the allotted time.