Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for the programs?

After successfully completing credit(s) click the Dashboard tab. Programs can be paid for online after successful completion of test(s). Certificates are available immediately and stored in your FMES account. We accept credit or debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER or Amex. 


Programs can be completed online and paid for by mailing a personal check/money order to FMES, PO Box 700, Bostwick, FL 32007-700. Or call in credit/debit card information. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and DISCOVER. 

Certificates are made available on our website the day we receive your payment. You will receive an email when the certificate link has been activated. Payment must be received within 30 days after completing the program to receive credit. FMES will report the credits, as you earn them, to the proper Florida state agency (CE Broker, Barber's Board, etc.).

Mail order home study programs can be ordered and paid for over the phone or online once you log into your FMES account. Mail order home study orders can be mailed or called in (386-325-5790).

How long will it take to receive my certificate?

After passing a test online and paying online, your certificate is ready immediately under your "Available Certificates" tab. Your certificate(s) are stored for 4 years in your personal FMES account under the "Available Certificates" link.

When FMES receives your payment by mail or phone a certificate is available online that day, if you complete the course online.

For all mail order home study programs, the certificate is usually mailed the next business day, after obtaining a passing test score.

What happens if I don't pass the quiz?

When this occurs, you will have the opportunity to correct the test questions you missed. Retesting is free.

For home study programs that are completed through the mail, retesting is free of charge too.

I'm fighting a deadline. How will my certificate be dated?

Certificates are dated with the date you passed and paid for the test online (this information is recorded automatically by our online testing system).

How do I change my contact information, email address, or license number?

To change information on an established registration, first log in using your username and password you created during the registration process. Once you successfully log in to our website you will notice an "Account profile " link on the left-hand margin. Click this link to make changes to your information.

If you entered your license number incorrectly, click "remove" and then click "Add Another license". After you type the new information, be sure to click "submit" to save changes. Updated information is displayed instantly. This does not apply to your name or username (read next question).

How do I make a correction to my name on the certificate or registration page?

After you successfully register, the only way to change your name or username is to email FMES or call us at (386) 325-5790.

Help! I forgot my username/password.

Click the link at the top right-hand corner of this webpage underneath the login, "Forgot Your Password?"

How many contact hours can I do through home study?

Florida licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners can complete 24 hours through home study per biennium. Get all your credits through FMES. We store your certificates for 4 years and instantly report to CeBroker. Request your free certificate copy at any time.

California licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners can complete up to 15-hours through home study. The FMES LIVE! webinar credits count as live credit.

Nurses with a State of Florida license may complete all 24 hours through home study. Every third biennium when Domestic Violence is required, the ceu hours required for renewal is 26 hours.

Florida Dietitians and Nutrition Counselors may complete up to 20 hours of home study credits. No more than 10 hours may be in management, risk management, personal growth, and educational techniques.

Do Florida respiratory therapists or nurses need HIV/AIDS for license renewal?

An applicant or newly licensed respiratory therapist is required to take an approved 3-hour HIV/AIDS course. FMES offers a three-hour HIV/AIDS course, which meets the state requirement for FL respiratory therapists.

The Florida Board of Nursing no longer requires the HIV/AIDS requirement for license renewal. HIV/AIDS is a one-time requirement prior to the first renewal. FMES offers a HIV/AIDS Update course which meets this requirement.

Do Florida respiratory therapists need a Human Trafficking credit for license renewal?

Yes!, Each licensee must complete a board-approved continuing education course on Human Trafficking. It is a one-time requirement. The course must be completed by January 1, 2021. But no worries, FMES has added this course to our 24 hour CE bundle for respiratory therapists. It is also available as a stand alone course. 

Do Florida respiratory therapists need the Domestic Violence for license renewal?

No, Domestic Violence is not a requirement for Florida respiratory therapists. Some home care agencies may require this program. It is only required by the Florida Board of Nursing.

Do Florida respiratory therapists or nurses need a 2-hour Medical Error Prevention for license renewal?

Yes, to renew your Florida license you must complete a Board approved 2-hour continuing education course relating to the prevention of medical errors. Prevention of Medical Errors is the same course as Medical Error Prevention. Please scroll to the P's on the Online Home Study list and complete the Prevention of Medical Errors

Do Florida respiratory therapists need a 2-hour CE Laws and Rules for license renewal?

Yes, Florida respiratory therapists must complete a 2-hour CE course on Laws and Rules for RT's. FMES offers a Florida Board approved course.

Beginning with the biennium that ends May 31, 2015, a licensee must complete a (2) credit hour course Florida laws and rules for RT's.

Important: The Laws & Rules of the Board course can only be offered by a Board of Respiratory Care approved continuing education provider and each course must route to the Board for approval. FMES offers an approved Laws and Rules course.

What about nurses? Please scroll down to question about Laws and Rules for FL Nurses.

Will FMES report my CEU's to CE Broker if I am a Florida applicant?

No, FMES cannot report "applicants", but you can print a copy of your certificate and include it with your application to the state. FMES does offer complimentary faxing service of a certificate of completion to a Florida Board, but please call or email to request this service. 

If you are applying to the Florida Board of Nursing. You can forward your certificate to

I am a nurse applying for licensure in Florida and have not taken the HIV/AIDS or Domestic Violence courses yet. What should I do?

Upon checking the appropriate box on the application, you will be allowed six months from the date of licensure to complete this requirement. All the courses must be from a Florida-approved continuing education provider, like FMES.

I took courses in the past, how can I access my old certificates?

After a successful login, click the "Available Certificates" tab on the left-hand margin to view all certificates earned. All certificates are stored in your personal FMES account for 4 years. Any certificate dated before September 2013, please call the office for a certificate copy.

Will FMES report my CEU's to CE Broker?

Yes, FMES will report your credits instantly to CE Broker after passing and paying for the test. CE Broker will then track your CEUs and report them to the Department of Health, therefore, it is very important that you give us your correct professional license number when registering. If your credits are not displaying with CE Broker within 4 hours of passing a test and paying, please contact FMES. We cannot be responsible for participants who give the wrong license number when they register. But no worries, contact FMES and we can correct it. If you are in a hurry to have your credits posted on CEBroker, rest assured, FMES reports fast.

When I first registered, I was an applicant. Now I have attained a Florida license number. How do I change this information?

Login to the FMES website with your username/password. Click "Account Profile". Your registration information will display and you can make changes. Be sure to give us your new Florida license number BEFORE you pass and pay. If you passed the test and paid before adding a license number, please contact FMES to be sure we report your credits.

Can I print or save a copy of the study material to refer to when taking the test on-line, to mail my answers, or place an order?

All website text, graphics, selection and arrangement thereof, and all software are protected under Copyright © Florida Medical Educational Services (FMES), ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Permission is granted to electronically copy and to print in hard copy portions of this website for the sole purpose of placing an order or earning continuing education credits with FMES. Any other use of materials on this website--including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution, or republication--without the prior written permission of Florida Medical Educational Services is strictly prohibited.

Will FMES mail my certificate, if I complete the credits online?

Programs completed online (home study or FMES LIVE! Webinars) will have the certificate available online. If you still desire to have the certificate mailed, please call the office to pay the $5.00 processing fee.

I hold two Florida licenses that FMES credits would apply. Do I have to pay twice to receive credits for both licenses?

No, you do not have to pay twice. When you register, enter both Florida license numbers and we will report both to CEBroker, the state's auditing system, for the price of one. Please give us the license numbers before you pay.

How much are FMES LIVE! Webinars?

Each 1 hour Webinar is $10.00. After viewing the webinar and completing the survey, you will be directed to pay. After paying, your certifiate is available under the Available Certificate tab. Certificates are available to email or print for 4 years under your personal FMES account. All online home study and webinar credits are instantly reported to cebroker after paying.

How do I know when a FMES LIVE! Webinar will be held?

Click the FMES LIVE! Webinar option under the Courses tab. A webinar schedule will be available with the webinar titles. 

Do I have to reserve a seat or sign up in advance to watch the FMES LIVE! Webinar?

There is no need to pre-pay or sign up in advance, but if you do register in advance, you will receive an email reminder one hour before the webinar starts. Otherwise, just come and attend a Webinar at your convenience, during the alloted times.

As a licensed Alabama nurse using your service, will report course completion to the Alabama Board of Nursing?

No, it is up to the Alabama licensed nurse to self-submit credits to their individual CE record profile here.

How do I set up an email account?

When registering with FMES, links are available for creating free email accounts from the following providers or you may link directly from here:

Do Florida nurses need a 2-hour CE Laws and Rules for license renewal?

Yes, Florida nurses must complete a 2-hour CE course on Florida Laws and Rules for nurses. FMES offers a Florida Board approved course.

Beginning with the biennium that expires in 2015, a licensee must complete a (2) credit hour course Florida laws and rules for Nurses.

Help! My certificate will not print all the information

Most likely, your printer options are not printing the “background images”. You will need to find your Page Set-up for the printer and turn background images on.

For Internet Explorer:

IE-11, IE-10 or IE-9

1. Open IE
2.  Click Tools button (gear icon) >> point to Print >> click Page Set-up. On Page Set-up you will see the Print Background Colors and Images.
3. Place your curser in the box and click. The box should have a check mark.
4. Scroll down and click OK. Now return to the website and print your certificate.


1. In Internet Explorer 8 click File from the menu and click Page Set-up.
2. On Page Set-up make sure the background images setting is checked.
3. Click OK

For FireFox

1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the word File in your Firefox menu, located at the top of your browser. When the drop-down menu appears, scroll down and click on the Page Setup. 
2. On Page Set-up make sure the background images setting is checked.
3. Click OK 

Click on File in your Firefox menu, located at the top of your browser. When the drop-down menu appears, scroll down and click on the Page Setup.

For Chrome:

1. Hold down Ctrl + P
2. Print window will appear. Look to the bottom for Print Options
3. Make sure the background images setting is checked. Click OK.