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  2. Next, Click the Online Home Study tab.

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Are our courses approved for you? Most state boards of nursing recognize FMES credits. 


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3. Open the study material by clicking the pdf icon (circled in red) next to the corresponding course title. No credit card information is required to access.


4. Click the “Take Test” button when ready. Unlimited re-testing.


5. After successful completion of a home study or webinar,
the credit will be listed on your Dashboard waiting for payment.
You have 40 days to pay after passing a test or viewing a webinar.


6. After successful payment, certificate(s) are located under the Available Certificate tab for 4 years. If a valid Florida license was given, your credits were instantly reported to cebroker (state's auditing system). 

Thank you for choosing FMES for your educational needs. We are here to help you stay in compliance.

Please contact the office with any questions. Thank you.

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