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About us

Florida Medical Educational Services (FMES) was established in 1994 near Jacksonville, Florida. We are medical educators committed to helping you stay in compliance with state license renewal requirements. We provide the mandatory courses Prevention of Medical Errors and Laws and Rules of the Board for different occupations.

  • FMES is an accredited and approved educational provider.
  • FMES is based in Florida.
  • FMES will report your credits to CEBroker instantly! (Unless you’re an applicant)
    (Beware of companies outside of Florida who do not report to CEBroker, the state’s auditing system.)
  • FMES certificates of completion are available online for 4 years. Email or print unlimited copies 24/7, at no additional charge.
  • FMES does not charge twice for healthcare workers who hold two licenses. Earn credits for both, for one low price, if the credits can apply to both licenses.
  • FMES offers general respiratory care subjects to keep you in compliance with the NBRC continuing competency program.
  • FMES is here to help you stay in compliance!
  • When a refund is requested, FMES will refund your  payment within 30 days of purchase, if the certificate link is not activated. Please email a brief explanation for refund in other cases.

Thank you for utilizing FMES. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.