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Cancer Basics

Quickly earn 12 general hours.
Program objectives:
Be able to list three differences between cancer cells and normal cells.
Be able to list two tissue changes that may develop into cancer.
Be able to list several behavioral strategies to alleviate nutrition-related symptoms.
Be able to state two goals of the dietitian who works with the health care team.
Be able to explain tests that are used to detect, diagnose, and stage non-small cell lung cancer.
Be able to briefly describe the tumor grading system.
Be able to explain the letters and numbers in the TNM cancer staging system.
Be able to list the three most common sites of metastasis. ____________________________________________
1. Read the study material.
2. Pass the test.
3. Retesting is free of charge. If you have a Florida license, FMES will report your credits to CEBroker.
4. Certificates are stored for 4 years at FMES.


Contact Hours: 12